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Massyaf new website is ONLINE...

We have been working hard and investing considerable resources since last season to improve our online presence. Despite the fact that most of you were happy with the website as it is (survey conducted end of summer 2016), we decided that investing in our online presence and improving our website will have a positive effect on user experience and will help us make more customers happy.

Great new look, and much more underneath...

The website has been completely redesigned to be more modern, consistent, responsive and mobile friendly. You can use it on PC, phone and tablet in landscape or portrait and it will re-arrange to fit your screen prefectly.

User experience has been also improved on various pages. The booking process has been redesigned to be more understansable. Property owners will love the new smart property management area and the ability to upload photos directly from their smartphone or tablet and to pinpoint property location with one click using their device GPS.

In the survey, it was obvious that we were missing on two important features that most of you requested. We have set those two features high on our priority list. The new website will have the new Deposit feature which will allow property owners to define if they accept deposit, full payment or both and the guest will be able to choose from available options. As a guest, you will be able to pay a deposit online and the rest on arrival or full you can choose to make full payment online (beneficial if you are planning to pay back in installments). The second feature requested was to be able to pay using bank  deposit or wire transfer, which has been implemented as well. Now you can choose between three perfectly safe payment options: Credit Card, Fawry and Wire Transfer (Bank Deposit).

What's Next?

Massyaf vacation home rental marketplace has been always in Arabic only. Due to numerous requests, we're planning to go multilingual. The English website is expected to come up during early summer 2016.

We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions or complaints.

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