About us

Your Local Online Vacation Rentals Marketplace

Massyaf is an exponentially-growing innovative marketplace that aims at developing and harnessing the potential of the vacation home rental market in Egypt.

We firmly believe in the potential of this market, in our role to redefine the way things work, help create fabulous experiences and memories and act to the fair interest of all involved parties.

What we do?

We provide the market with the tools, knowledge and processes it needs in order to significantly increase its performance, streamline its processes and be able to deliver outstanding experiences.

We believe in:
Being customer-centric. We are in a continuous process of re-thinking our services in the light of customer feedback and going the extra miles to reach our ultimate goal of meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations.
Utilizing sophisticated but intuitive technology where appropriate to break down barriers, improve performance and make things easier for guests and hosts.
Staying focused and close to the market, aware of its dynamics, developments and in and outs.

Our Services

We provide services to property owners to help them better utilize their assets and increase the returns on their investments, while maintaining full control and access to data about their condition and performance of their properties and making sure all this can be achieved in a strikingly easy and convenient way.

Guests appreciate how we make the complex processes and steps needed to find and book their dream vacation home unbelievably easy, safe and predictable.

Businesses realize that having a partner with a solid understanding of the market-specific dynamics, a tested and robust solution and an interest in always innovating for the welfare of all involved parties can be an invaluable advantage. We welcome all businesses that share our interest in developing and enhancing the market and are looking forward to partner with you.